Hi, I'm Tom! I'm a teacher in Adelaide, Australia.

This is a digital marksbook called ClassGen.

It makes your assessment and feedback process easier and more useful.

Letter grades, percentages, or a combination

No matter what you're working with, we'll sort it out and figure out the right grade.


Some things are more important than others. Give a higher percentage weighting to important tasks. Or, keep it simple and leave everything equal.

Print or email progress sheets and task sheets

You can give students their results in each task with their final grade for the term, semester, and/or year. You can optionally include your feedback for specific tasks.

Export to Excel

You own your data. Export your data to Excel whenever you feel like it.

Backed up to the cloud

Spilled your coffee and fried your laptop? Forgot your device at school, but need to write reports at home? Don't worry -- we've got you covered.

Australian Curriculum assessment and planning

Assess directly against the content descriptors that are relevant for each task. You can also see your coverage of the Australian Curriculum for each student.
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Made with love in Adelaide, Australia

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